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Ralph Curtis is a singer-songwriter currently based out of Naples, FL. Originally born and raised in Fairfield, CT, RC began playing music at the early age of ten, when he started playing the cello. While he would play classical music in symphonic orchestra through high school, it was around 13 years old when RC first picked up a guitar. Immediately falling in love, he began to teach himself and never looked back. 


While writing music is something Ralph Curtis always felt within his soul, his high school and college years were largely focused on academics and sports. As a result, it was mostly cover bands for fun in the early years. As soon as he turned 21, he began playing bar gigs.


It wasn’t until 2020 and the pandemic when RC started seriously writing again, eventually birthing his first single, “I Was Him & He Was Me,” as well as his newest production, “Sandbar Sideways.” 


With new projects still on the horizon and more material being written every day, Ralph Curtis can be found performing all over the greater Fort Myers area multiple times a week. Be sure to follow him on social media, @ralphcurtismusic. 

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